Airport Electrical Services

For professional airport electrical equipment installation trust A.R.E. Louisiana Electrical Services.

Airport Electrical Services

A.R.E. Louisiana Electrical Services is a MBE-WBE certified company that provides comprehensive electrical services for airports. We always make sure to fully comply with airport technical standards and regulations when working on your professional-grade equipment. We are uncompromising with the quality of our work and our customer’s safety and satisfaction are always a priority. Our company’s expertise and experience is priceless and we have had the opportunity to work with various organizations.

A.R.E. Louisiana has provided Electrical support for security system integration projects to leading company Lockheed Martin, who specializes in global security, aerospace and information technology and whose primary business is conducted with the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Federal government agencies. We have also had the opportunity to work with Senaia International, a premier full service logistics provider of security equipment for the aviation industry, law enforcement, government institutions and many more.

Our work experience and relations also include, but are not limited to: Bill and Hillary National Airport-Little Rock (LIT), Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP), Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI), Gulfport International Airport (GPT), Asheville Regional Airport (AVT), Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR), Fort Smith Regional Airport (FSM), Lafayette Regional Airport (LFT), Monroe Regional Airport (MLU), Alexandria International Airport (AEX), etc.

Our services include:

  • Security Equipment Systems Integration Support (SESI)
  • Permit and license acquisition
  • Passenger screening program equipment installation
  • Circuit installation, wiring, and testing
  • Data and electrical circuitry
  • Electrical system repair
  • Electrical equipment disconnection and removal

Whether your screen monitors, x-ray security scanners, baggage area equipment or any other appliance is being installed or removed, our company’s licensed electricians will provide the electrical support needed to get the job done efficiently and to meet your expectations.

For professional airport electrical equipment installation and wiring, call A.R.E. Louisiana Electrical Services at 985.652.6795 for a name you can trust.

We look forward to earning your business! For any questions you may have or for more information, please contact us at 985.652.6795.


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